We're award winning & more

That’s right – our parent company, Gas Fast Ltd is a multi-award winning organisation with over 20 staff across the UK & in Europe. We care for our customers and understand their needs and their requirements. Heating 4 Free follow the exact same visions and values as our parent company and thrive to do the following:

  • Be Professional
  • Champion Honesty
  • Care for our Customers
  • Protect the Environment
  • Be Kind to Everyone
  • Be Diverse & Equal

Abiding by these values are a core part of our mission to be a corporately social responsible (CSR) organisation and do good for our customers, clients, partners and the wider public.

Heating 4 Free is proud to help people, all across the UK, get the most of out society, who need it the most – by providing them with a free boiler and installation. Everyone deserves a helping hand in life and we’ve all been there – we won’t treat you differently just because you’re being smart, and taking advantage of scheme set up by the Government. Why spend thousands on a boiler, when you can get a brand new one for free?

Our expert team is comprised of some of the best of the best. We only hire experienced individuals that value our customer’s privacy, needs and requirements. On our staff, we have people with all different skills and backgrounds that go through an intensive interview selection process, to make sure that they can best serve you, our customer – upholding our 3rd value ‘care for our customers’. 

David Draper

Founder & CEO
Entrepreneur of the Year 2021

Kylie Draper

Managing Director

Alison Draper


Tyrese Garvie

Head of Marketing

Owen Fothergill

Head of Recruitment

Adam Bakal

Head of Technical Development

Our History

The Glorious Story of Heating 4 Free

2011 - 2014

It’s like looking at old school photos for us, but this was our first website – designed back in 2011 to give people a quick and easy route to claiming their free boiler online. 

Whilst the website worked really well and we were able to help thousands of people get boilers installed up and down the country, the website has since lost it’s edge and was really falling behind in design and the way it operated.

The Heating 4 Free team are glad to say that we’re a much bigger fan of our newer website, which was released early 2022 – over 10 years since our first website launched and a time when Niki Minaj, Pitbull and Maroon 5 dominated the top charts.

Nevertheless, we set up Heating 4 Free to serve the public as part of our commitment to the Energy Company Obligation (ECO) and it worked for us and the British Public!

2015 - 2021

In this year, the year of 2015, nothing really happened, the website stayed as it was and unfortunately Heating 4 Free was forgotten about and we left it to chill out as we focused on other parts of our business – we need to make sure everything else was right in all departments, before we focused too much on H4F.

We’re glad we did though because now, now we’re back harder and stronger than ever before… “starring ‘Free Boilers’ and ‘Government-approved schemes’, Gas Fast Ltd bring ‘Heating 4 Free 2’ – coming to a boiler room near you soon.” Sounds good right? Now where’s my number for Quintin Tarantino…


We’re back! Heating-4-Free.co.uk has gone some major improvements and updates to make claiming your free boiler easier and quicker than ever before.

Our expert staff team spent months (in-house), crafting the website to work just for you and making it super easy for you to fill out the qualify form on our homepage.

The new website was launched early 2022 / late 2021 and we’re really proud of what we’ve created for our customers – again aligning our brand and our ethos with our key value ‘care for our customers’. 

If you’ve got any feedback you’d like to give us, feel free to email info@heating-4-free.co.uk or call us on the FREE National Helpline we’ve set up for information on the ECO scheme and eligibility on 0800 0337 707.